Climbing Chachani

Duration: 2 days.

  First day : leave Arequipa at 8:00am, travelling by car to Cabrerías, about 3 and a half hours away (at 5000m), from there there is a 2 hour ascent to the base camp (5300 m).
    * Second day : after breakfast there is a 3 or 4 hour ascent to the summit, where we find snow permanently (6075m).  After a short time at the summit, you return to the camp and from there to the transport. Return to Arequipa at 18:00 or 19:00.
      Includes : guide, crampons, piolets, equipment, tent, cooking equipment and medical kit.  There is an additional charge for food.

City Tour

Duration: 3 hour

A short trip by  car to the colonial distric of Yanahuara. Afterwards you visit Santa Catalina Convent , this is like a small , enclosed  town in the middle of Arequipa. Next you go to the main square and visit the cathedral, the beautiful colonial church of la Compañía and the cloisters, and lastly a big colonial house.

Arequipa Country Tour by Biclycle

Visit the Arequipa's beautiful contryside by bicycle, 03 Hrs Approx: Paucarpata, Yumina and the Sabandía Mill. Bicycles, helmets and guide are included

Arequipa Country Tour

Duration: About 3 hours.

This tour begins with a visit to see the Chili river which is the life blood of Arequipa, afterwards you go to the colonial country church of Cayma, then you visit Sachaca with the highest view point of Arequipa, followed by a visit to a big colonial country house: Mansion del Fundador.  
Next you go to Sabandia where there is a beautifully restored colonial mill. Returning from the mill you visit  the terraces of Paucarpata.