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City Tour

Duration: 3 hour

A short trip by  car to the colonial distric of Yanahuara. Afterwards you visit Santa Catalina Convent , this is like a small , enclosed  town in the middle of Arequipa. Next you go to the main square and visit the cathedral, the beautiful colonial church of la Compañía and the cloisters, and lastly a big colonial house.

Arequipa Country Tour

Duration: About 3 hours.

This tour begins with a visit to see the Chili river which is the life blood of Arequipa, afterwards you go to the colonial country church of Cayma, then you visit Sachaca with the highest view point of Arequipa, followed by a visit to a big colonial country house: Mansion del Fundador.  
Next you go to Sabandia where there is a beautifully restored colonial mill. Returning from the mill you visit  the terraces of Paucarpata.

Arequipa Country Tour by Biclycle

Visit the Arequipa's beautiful contryside by bicycle, 03 Hrs Approx: Paucarpata, Yumina and the Sabandía Mill. Bicycles, helmets and guide are included

Colca Canyon 1,2 or 3 days tours

The Colca Valley and its Canyon (3400 m deep). There, the traveler will find a landscape surronded by andenes (terraces), snowy peaks and towns founded in the XVI century, the Colca Canyon is an exciting place for Adventure Tourism
2 day tour:
Day 1 : Leave about 8:00 a.m. On the way you will see vicuñas, alpacas, llamas, vizcachas  and yaretas (this plant grows only above 4000 m) and you will see the typical  
landscape of the Andes. After stopping at the highest point (4900 m) to view the volcanoes and snow capped mountains, you descend to Chivay (3600 m) for lunch and go to your hotel. In the afternoon you visit the nearby hot springs and swim if you want.
Day 2 : Early departure to drive along the beautiful Colca Valley with 6000 Ha. of terraces formed by pre-inca civilisations.
Because  the different levels in the valley produce a micro-climate, a greater variety of crops are grown here.
Finally you reach the deepest part of the Canyon, much deeper than the Grand Canyon of  Colorado. Here you will see the flight of the condors.
Return to Chivay for lunch stopping in the villages and afterwards to Arequipa (about 5:00 p.m.)

Colca Trekking tour 3 days/ 2 nigths


Early departure from Arequipa to Colca Canyon. Going up from 2325 m.o.l.s. to

3400 m.o.l.s. passing through the National Reserve of Pampa Cañahuas where the LLamas , Alpacas and Vicuñas live, after 4 hours arrive to Chivay village, have some minutes of stop and continue to Cabanaconde village, have lunch andThen we start walking down to San Juan de Chuccho village (3 hours walking aproximalely).

15:00 pm .- We get to the Colca River and twenty minutes later we arrive in San Juan de Chuccho. We will enjoy the green areas and friendly people, have dinner and spent the night there in the family house.


7:00 AM .- Breakfast. And continue to Coshñirhua Village,  walking down the Canyon to Sangalle Valley, a beautiful place located at the bottom of the Canyon . Semi tropical weather and fruit trees are part of this place. You can soak in the warm water of the swimming pool.

1:00 PM .-We will enjoy a delicious lunch and have a free afternoon to explore this place.

6:00 PM .-We will have dinner and enjoy making a campfire and talking to each other.

8:30 PM .- Go to bed


4:00 AM .- After an energetic breakfast we start going up hill to Cabanaconde ( 3 hours approximately) .

8:00 AM .- We will the Condor in Condor Cross to enjoy the fly if the Condors and then go directly to Chivay..

While in Chivay , we will go to the hot springs of La Calera (38 degrees) . This will help you relax your body.

We will have lunch in Chivay and then get on the bus to return to Arequipa.

17:00 PM .-aprx. Arrival to Arequipa.


- Private service
- Public Bus ( roundtrip )
- Maximum passengers:5 paxs
- Guide ( English, Spanish - Food ( 2 American Breakfast,2Lunch, 2 Dinner)
- Lodging in the house of the locals in San Juan de Chuccho and basic cabins in Sangalle (oasis)
- Hot Springs