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Cotahuasi Valley and Canyon, located northeast of Arequipa in the province of La Union, this valley is made up of fanciful platforms that appear to hang in mid air and, a large number of waterfalls.
    * First day : Leave in  by the afternoon by bus.
    * Second day : Arrival in Cotahuasi, tour of the city,  Chayme bridge, neighbouring villages: the ruins of Collota, Taurisma, Alca and the Luicho hot springs.
    * Third day : Visit to waterfalls of Sipia, a taste of the  deepest Canyon in the world, an hour by car, the rest is an hour and a half walk.
    * Fourth day : Visit of the Ruins of Maukallacta and the village of Puyca. Return to the city of Arequipa by public bus, arriving the following day.
1.- Toro Muerto Stone Sculptures.
Leaving Arequipa, taking the route towards Lima you will find the fabulous stone sculpture complex known as Toro Muerto. Here one can appreciate animal shapes and others from the Huari and Chuquibamba cultures.
2.- Sumbay Caves, located behind the Misti volcano. The significance of Sumbay lies in its archeological resources and its caves which exhibit valuable rock paintings from the Paleolitic Era.
3.-Andahua : Valley of the Volcanoes: Located in the eastern part of Castilla Province this Valley posseses a spectacular beauty due to the presence of a multitude of small extingueshed volcanoes that according to studies have an age between 1 million years and 50,000 years.


 Duration: approx. 2 hours

  • Tour 1 : Sabandía, including equipment, transportation and instruction.  The drop lasts 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Tour 2 : Mollebaya, including equipment, transportation and instruction.  The drop lasts 20 to 30 minutes.
Arequipa Country Tour

Duration: About 3 hours.

This tour begins with a visit to see the Chili river which is the life blood of Arequipa, afterwards you go to the colonial country church of Cayma, then you visit Sachaca with the highest view point of Arequipa, followed by a visit to a big colonial country house: Mansion del Fundador.  
Next you go to Sabandia where there is a beautifully restored colonial mill. Returning from the mill you visit  the terraces of Paucarpata.

Arequipa Country Tour by Biclycle

Visit the Arequipa's beautiful contryside by bicycle, 03 Hrs Approx: Paucarpata, Yumina and the Sabandía Mill. Bicycles, helmets and guide are included

City Tour

Duration: 3 hour

A short trip by  car to the colonial distric of Yanahuara. Afterwards you visit Santa Catalina Convent , this is like a small , enclosed  town in the middle of Arequipa. Next you go to the main square and visit the cathedral, the beautiful colonial church of la Compañía and the cloisters, and lastly a big colonial house.